IntelliGenetics is the premier provider of adoption DNA testing at our AABB-accredited Atlanta lab. We address the parentage testing needs to legally support adoption proceedings in the USA and countries worldwide by determining the relationship of the biological mother and/or father to the child being adopted. An initial test early in the adoption process establishes the relationship of the child to the biological parents. A confirmatory testing of identity is usually performed just before the adoptive parents take custody, to verify that the child being adopted is in fact the same child that they met and tested at the beginning. For instance, some U.S. embassies require that second DNA test for international adoptions. This is to corroborate that the child has not been switched after the first DNA test and just before legal custodial rights over the child is transferred to the adoptive parents. Test reports are generally provided in 1 – 3 business days. Expedited service (24-hour or less) is also available. IntelliGenetics allows the agency and/or family the opportunity to obtain the genetic evidence required to satisfy a court or U.S. embassy. IntelliGenetics is accredited by the AABB for parentage testing so our final DNA test reports are court-admissible and recognized by U.S. embassies throughout the world. IntelliGenetics is accredited by AABB to provide paternity and other family relationship DNA tests. To learn more about AABB accreditation, click here. AABB LOGO-EDIT-small