IntelliGenetics has the equipment and infrastructure, the knowledge and experience, and the ACCREDITATION to fulfill all your Legal Parentage/Relationship DNA testing needs.

Based in Atlanta-Georgia, IntelliGenetics is a privately-owned and -operated DNA testing laboratory that provides full-service DNA relationship testing to our clients. IntelliGenetics has been fully-accredited for over 15 years by AABB for Parentage/Family Relationship DNA Testing activities. This credential means that our test reports adhere to legal chain of custody rules and meet the requirements for court admissibility for use in cases involving child support, adoption, immigration, estate settlement, social security benefits, and more. They also may be key pieces of information in cases involving the identification of missing persons.

While not covered by accreditation, if the matter is for personal knowledge or Forensic DNA profiling/matching, our accredited facility can certainly assist you. The testing process is identical to that employed for Legal DNA tests, but the paperwork and the way the test results are presented are different. Click Here for more information on the scope of this work.

We can be reached by email at or by phone at (404) 636-3815. You can also order your Legal DNA test by clicking Here. For other DNA tests, call or e-mail for a free consultation.