IntelliGenetics is an AABB-accredited laboratory providing DNA paternity testing including prenatal paternity testing, immigration DNA testing and motherless paternity testing. IntelliGenetics provides legal paternity testing and therefore, our reports are court admissible and accepted by courts and U.S. consulates and embassies. Parentage testing provided by IntelliGenetics can be performed for child support, estate settlement, immigration purposes to obtain a visa or citizenship and for those who simply want to know. Women may opt to have a paternity test while pregnant. Paternity testing before birth is called a prenatal paternity test and can be performed through amniocentesis or chorionic vilus sampling (CVS). IntelliGenetics specializes in offering accurate, professional, rapid, and affordable private DNA paternity to clients throughout the United States and worldwide with complete confidentiality. Test reports are generally provided in 7 to 10 days. Expedited service (3-day and 24-hour service) is also available. IntelliGenetics has 21 autosomal loci and 12 Y-chromosome loci in its arsenal to resolve the difficult cases with a high degree of certainty. We will test as many loci as we can to provide you the conclusive result that you need. Use IntelliGenetics for rapid and inexpensive AABB-accredited DNA relationship testing including immigration DNA testing, sibling DNA testing, grandparents DNA testing and DNA testing twins. Legal paternity testing is our specialty. DNA parentage testing, family DNA testing and forensic DNA testing are the services we provide.

Motherless Paternity Tests

Although it is preferable to include the mother, it is still possible to determine paternity when the mother is not available for testing (motherless testing). In some cases it may require additional testing to make up for not having the maternal genetic information. IntelliGenetics has sufficient test systems (loci) to effectively handle these cases. However, the individual bringing a minor child in for specimen collection must present proof (birth certificate, child custody papers) that they have the legal authority to have the child collected. Someone with legal authority must sign to authorize the collection of the child. The cost to perform a motherless paternity case (child and man only) is the same as it is to perform a standard 3-party paternity case (mother-child and man).

DNA Tests for Immigration

Individuals petitioning a U.S. consulate or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for a family member to enter the U.S. are often required to have a DNA test to prove the claimed relationship. A DNA test for immigration purposes MUST be done by an AABB-accredited laboratory knowledgeable with INS and U.S. Embassy requirements. IntelliGenetics is an AABB-accredited laboratory that specializes in DNA testing that meets the requirements of the INS and the Department of Homeland Security as well as any specifications of the U.S. Embassy or Consulate processing the application. IntelliGenetics provides testing to Embassies and Consulates in Central and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and Europe for paternity, maternity, and sibling relationships. Learn more. IntelliGenetics is accredited by AABB to provide paternity and other family relationship DNA tests. To learn more about AABB accreditation, click here.