A grandparentage DNA test is used to determine if a relationship exists between a child and one or more people believed to be grandparents of the child. A parental grandparentage DNA test is usually done in place of a paternity test when the child’s father is either unavailable for testing or the grandparents questions whether their son fathered the child and wish to conduct the test without their son’s knowledge.  Determining grandparentage is similar to a routine paternity test but often requires more extensive testing. In order to achieve conclusive results, with at least 99% certainty, the test requires samples from the child and both people believed to be the grandmother and grandfather. Alternatively, a sample from the child, the child’s mother and either the grandmother or the grandfather can also be used. The same guidelines apply for determining maternal grandparentage. A grandparentage test usually requires more testing than a standard paternity test. IntelliGenetics automatically provides that additional testing at no additional charge to provide the certainty you need. A test for grandparentage usually takes about two weeks to complete, including the additional testing if needed. Blood is not needed to perform this test, just a bit of sample collected with a cotton swab. This specimen type is also referred to as a buccal swab or oral swab because some mucosal (cells from inside your mouth) are also collected in the process. As you might expect this is a completely painless procedure. IntelliGenetics is AABB-accredited to provide grandparentage DNA testing and other family relationship DNA tests. To learn more about AABB accreditation, click here.